Mercury in the morning

Couldn’t sleep.

Compensation was clear skies at dawn from the window-sill.

Sony DSC-HX60

Inset with 80mm f/5 refractor + X2 barlow + PD camera,

A bit later-


Now had chance to look at the image sequence I took to investigate the “fake” Arcturus.

Here is one acquired 2 minutes earlier with Mercury still clear of the trees (and with a slightly different exposure)  that I have left uncropped to show the “real” Arcturus. No sign of the fake one!

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  1. You have a strange sky in your part of the world. Between the two images, Spica, Mars and Mercury appear to have risen up and gone right but Arcturus has dropped and gone left. AND the double star on the tree line hasn’t moved!!!

    1. Quite right Geoff! Oops!

      That comes from processing things in a rush before having to go out! Dunno what the “star” is in the 3rd and 4th images – possibly a plane as thats the way they come from.

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