May Meteors.( Based on Graves Radar)

The main meteor shower in May is the Eta Aquarids,  it is however not the only shower and there are several daylight showers as well. The effect of this is for the “peak” of activity not to be situated around the 5th / 6th of June but elsewhere. This can be clearly seen on the daily and hourly plots for the month both for this year and last year.

Major Activity:

Radiant Duration Maximum
Eta Aquarids (ETA) April 21-May 12 May 5/6

Minor Activity

Radiant Duration Maximum
Epsilon Aquilids May 4-27 May17/18
May Librids May 1-9 May 6/7
Eta Lyrids May 3-12 May 8-10
Northern May Ophiuchids April 8-June 16 May 18/19
Southern May Ophiuchids April 21-June 4 May 13-18


Daylight Activity

Radiant Duration Maximum
Epsilon Arietids April 25-May 27 May 9/10
May Arietids May 4-June 6 May 16/17
Omicron Cetids May 7-June 9 May 14-25
May Piscids May 4-27 May 12/13

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