March Meteors

Below are the daily and hourly counts of meteors detected from radar echo’s during March, no major showers but several minor showers during the month which overlap and increase count. See

Pete Hill


Minor Activity

Radiant Duration Maximum
Eta Draconids March 22-April 8 Mar. 29-31
Beta Leonids February 14-April 25 Mar. 19-21
Rho Leonids February 13-March 13 Mar. 1-4
Leonids-Ursids March 18-April 7 Mar. 10/11
Delta Mensids March 14-21 Mar. 18/19
Gamma Normids (GNO) March 11-21 Mar. 16/17
Eta Virginids February 24-March 27 Mar. 18/19
Pi Virginids February 13-April 8 Mar. 3-9
Theta Virginids March 10-April 21 Mar. 20/21

Daylight Activi

Radiant Duration Maximum
March Aquarids February ??-April ?? Mar. 15-18





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