Making an “At the eyepiece” integrating eyepiece using PD colour camera

Roger suggested this project at a RAG meeting and kindly sent me a list of required components. The project is to produce an electronic eyepiece based on PD camera with small screen next to it so that observers can get the benefit integrated video images with their improved limiting magnitude over the eye at a glass eyepiece whilst retaining the “At the telescope” experience and not requiring user to carry lots of kit into the field. The mantra is simple, easy and effective, with the visual observer in mind at all times. The components required include the PD camera, which I already had, 7 inch LED screen, a 12V to 5V converter, various connectors and small 12V battery to power it all.

Main task is to add in converter and connect all so that single 12V power connection with power both PD camera and the 5V screen as well.

I successfully achieved this today. Next step will be shrinking it all down into a neat package and working out how I am going to attach the screen to the PD camera.


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  1. I attached velcro to the screen base. Then I stuck velcro to a flat piece of plastic so that the screen could still free-stand, and also to the camera, mount, or anywhere else I wanted to stick it!

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