M92 Challenge

After a lot of problems with power failings and programs stopping, I managed to isolate the problem to a faulty power converter. So I have bought a new one and everything works perfectly. Still can’t use the EAGLE fully due to my inability to install programs so I have a hybrid setup at the moment ( need both Julian for this and Lee to fix an electric focuser to the RC6).
Enough blubbing, this is my effort on M92. Don’t do clusters, so this is a first ( that’s the beauty of our group…. it forces you out of your comfort zone). This must be a “new” cluster as there are so many blue stars in it.
Image taken using the RC6 with the Atik 314L+. RGB filters with 60 second subs. Being almost overhead, the images have both drift and rotation. Stacked OK in DSS but when the individual filters aligned the rotation was about 15 degrees.
Red: 37 x 60
Green 32 x 60
Blue 35 x 60
I then processed only 75% due to cloud in the subs.
Stacked in DSS (it did a good job this time), Fits Liberator, aligned in MaximDL and destroyed in Photoshop!

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  1. Thanks for sharing Geoff – we all know that you’re a marvellous astrophotographer so when you discuss the problems you’ve had it helps us all to feel better about our own problems!

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