M81 M82 and NGC 3077

First time out for a while due to very poor weather conditions so i thought id try to make the most of it. My first attempt at the 3 galaxies M82, M81 and NGC 3077 from a total of 93×2.5min exposures. It has been commented that M81 may look more natural with a warm core and cooler outer arms although for whatever reason (processing, camera response etc etc) Ive ended up with quite a warm galaxy altogether. Cant say I’m disappointed although perhaps something to look at next time. Actually I’m quite pleased with the cameras Halpha response in most of my photos considering im still using a dslr.


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    1. Thanks Roger, I wasn’t particularly trying to get NGC 3077 in the frame but its a nice bonus to have it. When i first looked at the RAW files i thought id have to crop it out as it was so close to the edge but i just managed to save it. I think NGC 3077 would benefit greatly from a higher resolution (mine is 1.6arc secs pixel)

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