This is really a test for alignment of my “new” scope with my Takahashi two nights ago whilst trying to get the two telwscopes to point at the same object. I completely messed it all up and lost the RC image. So last night after some 2 hours of fiddling, I managed to get it back so that i can see it. The focus is off but I’ve just got a new Bhatinov mask so hopefully it should be a bit better in future.

So this is M57 (the smoke ring). Although out of focus you can still make out the 3 stars in the centre. Also in the 3.30 (clock face) position is the galaxy IC1296. This has a magnitude of 14.3 and size is 1.1′ x 0.8′, so I’m impressed with what I have achieved (just have to do better with the focus!).



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