M52 and Bubble

Seem to constantly be a few nights behind at the moment- but here’s Monday night’s effort on the M52 cluster and the Bubble nebula in Cassiopeia. It’s just RGB with the light pollution filter- 20x 5 min subs plus darks, flats and bias.



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    1. Thanks Geoff.

      The scope is Skywatcher 130pds and I’ve got it on an HEQ5 mount. The pictures are taken with a modified Canon 600d with a Coma Corrector and I’m using a ZWO guide camera attached to a 9×50 finder for the guiding. Finally, I’ve got an IDAS D2 filter which helps me cope with the new LED streetlights that we’ve just had fitted this year.

      Quite a list when you write it all down like that !

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