Finally got the PHD2 to work (but not through the Eagle!) The only thing stopping that is that EQMOD doesn’t want to work in the Eagle. Anyway, I have now worked out that the RC scope must have been knocked out of alignment by 31′ from both the Takahashi and the guide scope. So all I have to do is GOTO the object I want, center it in the Takahashi, then move it sideways 3/4 screen left in the image and hey presto, the object appears in the RC image! So this is really a test of both focus and guiding through the RC 6″.

The image is 2 hours of 5 minute subs in luminance.Taken through the Ritchey Chretien 6 inch @ f9 with the Atik 314L+. Baader 1.25 inch filter.

This is not cropped so it is the full screen FOV (16.8 x 22.5 arcminutes). Guiding looks OK but the focus may be out a little. Sorry the Easter Bunny (called Dust) has left a trade mark. Looks like I’m ready for the Galaxy Season.


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