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After having been seriously impressed with Rob and Ken’s latest splendid M33 images, I thought it might be interesting to compare them with one from the other end of the spectrum. Rolls-Royce vs. Ford Popular, sort of!

This one was a couple of years ago with the window-sill telescope that was on holiday at the time, sat on a patio table.

It was probably from a total exposure of about 200 seconds, if I remember correctly. The 80mm f/5 isn’t really compatible with the focal reducer, mind you.

What does it prove? Nothing, except that there is fun to be had, even if you only spend a couple of hundred pounds!

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  1. Can I point out that my scope only cost £180?

    (Don’t ask about the mount, camera, guide camera, filters etc etc 😁)

    On a more serious note it’s amazing what you get in such a short time. I do wonder what the pd could achieve with more exposure time. If I only exposed for 200 seconds I’d have a smudgy mess- I know because I’ve tried it! It’d be interesting to see if you exposed with that sensitivity/length and collected an hour’s subs if it gave you more detail.

    But on one point we’re definitely agreed- having fun is essential. Image processing was a real chore to start with, but as I’ve had more practice I’ve started to quite enjoy it- it’s something to do on cloudy nights!

    1. The window-sill mount isn’t accurate enough to do long exposures,(20 seconds per sub is about the max), and I only have an alt-az mount for the 8″ LX90.
      Most importantly I don’t have the patience or determination!

  2. Just gone back to my base data for this one. It was from 23 exposures at a senseup of 512 (=10.24 seconds) giving a total exposure of 235 seconds. Instant (relatively) gratification!

  3. Love your image Roger, as ever with this hobby incremental increases in quality become increasingly more expensive! The legitimate question would be is it worth it and the answer to that is probably no! Great stuff, keep it up !

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