Decided to change my guiding system. Instead of using either the Takahashi or the RC I’ve bought a new dedicated guide scope. It’s a 50mm f3.8 guider/ finder scope. Searched the internet and found a brand new one for less than £50. I’ve teamed it up with the Atik 450. I haven’t imaged M33 for some time so I thought I’d test the guiding on it. Setting the scopes up to be in the same FOV proved more simple than I expected. Having quickly focused the Tak I set up the imaging for 5 minute exposures and took 12 guided images. Stacked in DSS processed in Fits Liberator and PS6, this is the result. This is the best guiding I have ever achieved. The stars show no sign of trailing so I am hopeful that I’ve solved a lot of my previous problems.


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