M31 on the cheap!

Recent dialogue with Andy made me realise that I had not got a half-decent image of M31. Part of the problem with M31 is that it is so large, making it difficult to get it in one field of view with any of my scopes and the PD camera. A quick calculation suggested that with the size of the chip in the PD I would need a focal length of around 100mm to get it in the field of view. I invested £40 or so of my pension a couple of years ago in a lens for the PD for this sort of purpose, but never deployed it on this galaxy. So:-

M31 is not accessible from the window-sill, so I carried the window-sill kit down to the patio and plonked it on the patio table. “Window-sill observatory” is now transformed to “Patio table observatory”!. A quick and VERY approximate alignment of the EQ1 mount and we were ready to go!

I managed to get 65 10-second frames in between holes in the cloud that had then rolled in (650 sec in total). After a bit of processing, this is the result:


Not brilliant but quite satisfying for a £40 lens, a £100 camera, and a £50-ish mount. (and no telescope)

(CHEAP = Camera, High sensitivity Exposures for Astro Photography?!)

Now for proper M31 images see

Observing and Imaging 17th September

or https://roslistonastronomy.uk/m31

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  1. Cheers Roger!

    It is amazing what that kit gives you. I am now looking forward to your results from the Bird Table Observatory (fits in small spaces), the Chimney Observatory (excellent horizons) and the Picnic Rug Observatory (good on holiday with you)!

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