M27 combine

Neil suggested I should combine my two images of M27.

I didn’t know how to do this because they are of different scale and not aligned, plus, how to integrate only part of one image into another.

Well the first part turned out easier than I thought. I put the two images into MaximDL and selected align. Having chosen the two stars in each image and pressed align, it automatically re-scaled the images to match!!! Job done.

The next bit was the most difficult as it required layers. After searching the internet for a tutorial on layers, it took the best part of  6 hours to A. understand both the tutorial and the American accent and B. to get my Photoshop to work in the same way as the tutorial. Anyway this is the first time I have ever tried this and the result shows it.

So for what it’s worth here is M27 with the best bits from each. (You can clearly see the join!!)


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