M13 – Great Cluster in Hercules

I’m particularly pleased with this image. I’ve been wandering around the southern sky picking up ‘missing Messiers’ for my collection, but a few nights ago I though I would try and get some better data for M13.

The initial red subs were a bit poor due to the lack of real darkness, so I took about an hour of subs and chose the best. For green and blue I took about half an hour’s worth of 2 ½ minute subs.

My first process was a bit meh, so I re-did it focusing on bringing out faint detail and being incredibly careful with curves not to bleach the core. Even then on my final curve stretch I had to mask out the core but was rewarded by an extraordinary number of very tiny stars in the outer parts of the cluster. View the image full size and zoom right in, or just check out the inset at the bottom of this post!


M13 - Great Cluster in Hercules
M13 – Great Cluster in Hercules


M13 zoomed in
M13 zoomed in

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  1. I had two advantages: using a mono camera with small pixels and a long focal length scope with fairly large (6″) aperture.

    Using a 200P-DS or a C8 ought to be able to do even better!

  2. I was so impressed with this picture that I spent other night taking my own version! However, not yet processed the image – mainly due to lack of time….but also because I don’t believe it will come out as good as this (!)

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