M101 from Lichfield 29/9/2019

Unexpectedly, the sky cleared for a couple of hours tonight and I whizzed outside to take another picture of M101 – this time trying to use everything I have learnt so far, in order to see whether I could improve on my previous image taken early in my astrophotography journey.

Photo taken using QHY10 single shot colour astro camera on Sky Watcher Equinox 80mm Pro OTA, mounted on Sky Watcher HEQ5 Pro mount.

Most of processing done in Nebulosity 4 software (the Digital Development function and synthetic flat field were used – even though I also used flat frames I have previously taken – makes me wonder if my setup has moved since flat frames taken as synthetic flat frame did help when I processed this image), and some tweaking in GIMP.

I am happy with amount of detail, including some tiny galaxies evident on the image.


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