I recently purchased a new mono camera which will be primarily used for widefield images of nebula. Since the pixel size is relatively small at 3.75u giving me 1.5″ arc secs pixel i thought id give it a go at some galaxies. Moving from a modified dslr to dedicated cooled camera has not been the easiest with a new set of tools to learn including combining channels and learning new software.

So here i have M101 taken on the 26th and 27th March 102×1.5min luminace, 25x 1.5min RGB of each channel.

Asi 6200 mm +Fsq 106


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  1. Nice one Ken,

    It’s always a big challenge this one as it is low surface brightness.

    Inspired me to have a go last night, got two hours of luminance. Hopefully get RGB on Monday.

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