Lunar X and V

Quite a good Lunar X and V this evening. It was still light so contrast is a bit lacking, but the instant readiness of the window-sill observatory proved its worth again as an hour later the apparition had disappeared. Also see for  previous effort. I think this “X” is better.


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  1. This is slightly odd.
    There is already an “X” and “V” image set in the “Atlas” labelled “6 1/2 day moon”. In this new one it seems that the terminator is such that the “X” is darker than the earlier one, and therefore you would expect that moon is “younger”. However, the earlier on looks like it is slightly under first quarter, whereas this one looks slightly over – which seems contradictory! I actually think this effect is due to libration, which will cause a variation in terminator features at a given phase (eg first quarter). So where should it be in the sequence? Probably immediately after the 6 1/2 day moon image, or maybe as an appendix, or maybe not at all!

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