Lunar X and V.

Photo from my good observing buddy , Stu Davis. Taken at Walton on Thames with his phone. My own photo efforts are hardly worth seeing ! Also on SGL.


In the course of adjusting the suddenly seized Ra on the mount ( in the freezing dark), Lee pointed out the lunar X and V along the terminator. The Moon was above a roof top and a bit thermal wobbly. That was at x100 with a 102 scope. Kick off time was 18.07 (22nd February ) we got there a bit later, due to technical gremlins , catching just the finale of this view above.

Using android devices ( doesn’t seem to work with iOS), we managed to piggy back SkySafari pro 5 onto the sub £60 Skywatcher wifi adapter. Last time out , I noticed that SS5 gave wonderful named details on the moon . The app directed the scope onto these, much easier than mapreading in the dark. The technology is amazing and I am always in awe of its use.

Next visible.

22nd April from 19.18 at 57 degrees alt.

20 th June from 18.42 to 11.03 , sinking from 40 to 20 degrees.



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  1. I caught it between 20:00 and 21:00, with Skywatcher 102 on AZ3 mount. Very prominent, unfortunately wife had gone off with her smart phone so was unable to image it, although it had been flagged up in feb Sky at night mag,I’d only gone out as was suffering withdrawal symptons, everything else was a bit murky with all the high cloud. see you on 15th/16th..
    Pete H

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