Lovely Lacerta.

Swadlincote 30/8/17 Celestron C6r.

Some light haze , the moon low along the south and it got slightly darker. This humidity acts as a heat sink , helping to produce good seeing . An evening with the delightful sliver of Lacerta, fields full of stars and some treasure.

Open clusters.
NGC 7209, a Christmas tree with a ring of stars.
NGC 7243 , trails of dusty small stars . There are many clouds of stars in these clusters.
NGC 7245, fainter and wide. NGC 7296 , an arrow head and a ring.
NGC 7394 , around 12 sloping stars.
IC 1434 , lovely and dusty inns field of stars.
IC 1442, dusty surrounded by darkness.
Fainter are Berkeley 96 and 98 and King 9.

Binaries, some gems here.
The triple h1735 (SAO 51698), a line at x50.
2 Lacertae (SAO 51904) gives a glimpse of the faint +11.6 companion.
Σ2902 (SAO 51957), pleasing wider view in a packed field.
Σ 2906 is beautifully close.
8 Lacertae is a wonderful multiple system , set in nebulosity.
12 Lacertae gives a wide white and blue, as does the challenging 13 Lacertae (SAO 52317).

A constellation well worth visiting for it’s dusty clusters and full views,

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