Local project?

How about this for a project?

Observe/sketch/image as many of the Local Group of galaxies as possible.

Meet the Shy Side of the Local Group

They are well placed at the moment. There is the obvious M31, M32, M110 and M33. There is also the rather less obvious NGC147 and NGC185 (C17 and C18). There are also others.

Here are images of M32 and M110 I have extracted (not too successfully!) from existing images of M31,

and here is a reprocessed image I obtained last year of NGC185. So far I have never managed NGC147.

Anyone up for a challenge?


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  1. Well I tried with IC1613 but my neighbour’s tree is in the way! Went to the Pegasus dwarf galaxy instead.
    So after about 2 hours of messing about with trying to focus and get the galaxy in the field of view I managed to start imaging at 2300hrs. However, there are very few good guide stars in the area and the first few images showed all star trails. Reason? PHD had locked on to a hot pixel! Eventually got everything working so I now have 1 hour of 5 minute subs to process after I can get some “Flats” to take out the snow storm of dust bunnies. Watch this space.

  2. Yes I’m up for that. I know I can’t get 3 of them because they are too low. But I’ll try for the others. Tonight looks OK so I’ll try IC1613 (being the lowest in the sky).

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