Lee collimates my Orion UK 10″ Dobsonian Telescope

I really need to learn how to collimate my telescopes well – I had today off work and spent several hours attempting to collimate the 10″ Orion UK Dobsonian Telescope…..but Lee demonstrated how much better it could be done.



View down Cheshire eyepiece sight tube after Lee collimated the telescope:

See also the following post which has better photos of view through the Cheshire post collimation today:

Photos through Cheshire sight tube after Lee has collimated Orion 10″ Dobsonian telescope

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  1. At night it’s easy to use a Barlow and ( collimated ) laser collimator. Once you’ve collimated with a Cheshire by day , the only adjustments will be to tweak the primary mirror.
    The Barlowed laser throws up a lovely image of the centre spot , ringed if you have a ring around the primary. Just tweak the primary to get the image centred. Often tube flex ( or truss flex) and great changes in temperature can slightly throw out collimation. No great matter on dark sky targets , but for planets and tight binaries , critical collimation can make a difference. Nick.

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