Late April skies.

Swadlincote 23 & 24/25th April 2017. C6r and 200f6 Orion Optics.

The seeing hasn’t been up to much , varied around the sky for some reason. Before it got properly dark, Jupiter was very enjoyable. The GRS was very dark in it’s pit. The southern belt piled up before and after. The southern belt appeared very wide ,with ragged edges and rips. X200 was useful, just don’t fiddle with continual focussing, let the seeing bring it in and out. Better details at x150, so worth backing off a bit.

From the Leo Galaxies , into the Virgo bowl and up to Coma Berenices. Galaxies popped out , with bright cores and surrounds. Even M51 gave a great view near the zenith.M3 and M53 gave resolved globular clusters. Some time to complete some binaries in Corona Berenices. HV 38 giving a lovely starfield at x50 , with the delicate companion easy to spot. Σ1932 gave a wide open split at 1.6″.  

Went through the Draco galaxies, picking up NGC 4125 and NGC 4236. Over to Canes Venatici and from NGC 4111 through to NGC 5033 ( see chart)

Hercules was up gave M13 a go. It was very sharp and contrasted with the now darkened sky in the east. Even before focusing , both this and M92 showed the bright points of the brightest stars. Tried for NGC 6207, but not enough contrast from the edge of town. NGC 6229 is worth a look being 100,000 lys.away .M53 presented a dimmer view than the other Messier’s. The asterism “Webb’s wreath” at 18h02m. +26 18′ (SAO 85678) is worth a look.
Tried  for the comet 41p, not showing, but V2 Johnson was clear by direct viewing in the star field.

Now in deep sky mode , found the small “White Pea” planetary nebula, IC4593 and the bigger and brighter NGC 6210. The brightest galaxy in I found to be NGC 6482.
Played around with Jupiter with various eps and a Barlow as high Misty stuff moved in,

clear skies, Nick.

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