Laptop outdoor sun-shade – economy version!

At the splendid Science day on Saturday, Ed’s PC hood was exciting quite a lot of interest. (Admittedly, it is a bit like Christmas when the kids are more interested in the box toys came in rather than the toys themselves!) It turns out that their current best price is about £26. This is still a bit steep for my OAP status and Yorkshire upbringing.

I was at my local B & M store this morning and came across this:

It folds flat.

Erected + PC it looks like this:

It is pretty black, but not, of course waterproof. (A piece of polythene and gaffer tape would soon fix that – – -)

And by the way, it comes with a lid and is also a seat – – – ! £6.99 to you – – – –

With a bit of persuasion, the lid will fit on one side. It is plastic, so the shade is now dew-proof.





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