Keeping a notebook.

This abysmal autumn has not been the expected delight of previous years. Dark before 8 and many hours of great observing . Looking through my simple old notebook , I found a few treasures . Including the bright Delphinus nova , which I had forgotten about . Annoyingly , a lot of clear nights , which we just haven’t had this year or last year.

A spiral bound A5 project notebook is ideal to keep a simple record and a few drawings. It won’t fall apart like a bound one .

It’s a handy reference when planning a session or looking back. Unfortunately , not as far as Andy’s intruiging fossils . My eldest granddaughter is doing a school project on Jupiter and I found my 2010 drawings . The southern belt disappeared for a year , leaving a surrealistic red spot suspended on it’s own. That should go down well when describing what folk can see.

Hoping for a more decent season ahead with clear skies ! Nick.


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