Jupiter 6th May 2018.

Swadlincote C6r 150 mm f8 achromatic refractor. 13mm Nagler, 6mm circle T, 7.5mm Ultima, x2 Vixen Triplet Barlow.

Lightish sky , but Jupiter eventually climbed to a useful position. Even at low power I could see the shadow of Europa. As this reached the limb, the small and very bright moon was easy to see beneath the shadow. A few minutes later it popped out clear of the limb. Seeing was not bad , with some belt and polar details seen.

Best thing to do is focus on the surface and just leave the focus and let the views arrive. It’s a waste to keep fiddling. I used an aperture mask , a x2 Barlowed 13mm Nagler (giving x150)and later a polarising filter. Try the non observing eye , it might give you a filtered view (Damien is a convert to the non observing eye church !) Filters will change your view for contrast , but not always enhance it. Given that low down we’re looking through 90 miles of atmosphere , it’s little wonder it can be wobbly. However last night and this morning everything was non twinkly still. Best views were about 2.10 before it entered the blasted blooming big oak tree down the road.

i was briefly joined by a huge owl sitting on the hedge , hope no one’s lost an eagle owl, it was big. Not as big as the very bright Iridium flash , going to miss these guys.

Looking around and the whole Summer Triangle was up, not much joy for deep sky with a bright sky. Checked out the Messier’s and headed for some brighter planetaries. It’s lovely to see these as non stellar in wide field, catching some open clusters. Opposition on the 9th May , spend a little time out there , under clear skies,



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