“Introducing Astronomy” meetings

By Heather Lomas:

RAG held the first ‘Introducing Astronomy’ Meeting on Friday, 11th November. It was a very successful meeting, led by our Training Officers, Lee Bale and Pete Hill. It was well attended by a combination of RAG Members, some of whom new to Astronomy, and potential new members for RAG, all new to Astronomy. In addition, from the meeting we welcome a very enthusiastic Junior Member to the Group.

The content of the Meeting was very well received and promoted interesting discussion between everyone there. With Christmas approaching, and possible ‘present lists’ needing to be drawn up …the various types of Telescope, and suitable mounts, in a variety of price ranges, were clearly explained, giving the pros and cons of each, along with their strengths regarding specific observing targets, e.g.solar, lunar, deep sky, etc.
The striking features of the evening for me were the overall atmosphere of ‘cameraderie’ that backed up the whole meeting, and the friendship links that formed over a cuppa!

An excellent start ! We look forward to the next meeting in this series. This will be on Friday, 13th January, 2017 at 7.30pm – as December sees the return of RAG’s ‘Grand Christmas Quiz’.

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