Interview with Robin Glover – Author of Sharpcap

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Here’s a link to a fascinating interview with Robin Glover, talking to a New York interviewer about CMOS / CCD camera and exposure length

The bit I found interesting is a feature that’s now in Sharpcap Pro. It’s called Smart Histogram and it ‘calibrates’ the camera chip and the current background sky  brightness. It then calculates the optimum Gain/ Exposure settings for a particular imaging session


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  1. I’ve also got a link to his PAS talk that Martin sent out some time ago

    It’s a very interesting bit of science/maths

  2. Great link Ed- similar material to his talk at PAS a couple of years ago. It has helped me a lot- I never go over 1 minute exposures these days – even for narrowband- which is really helpful in lots of ways.

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