Illuminator for epi-illumination during fluorescence microscopy with Zeiss IM/IM35 microscope

This is the illuminator I have obtained which fits on the epi-illumination port at the back of the microscope: Zeiss part 46 72 59 – 9901. This is the illuminator which is meant to be used with a mercury lamp for fluorescence microscopy.

It is quite a heavy bit of kit and like everything that fits on these microscopes made of metal and built like a tank!

The following link opens a manual which seems to work for this illuminator, although I am not sure whether it is exactly the right one:

Zeiss Illuminator 100 user manual (PDF file)


The next picture shows a small Allen head screw in the central depression on the bottom of the illuminator. Loosening this (does not need to be completely removed) allows the lamp and its base to be slipped easily out of the housing for examination +/- replacement:

The next pictures are of the lamp that is in the illuminator – this came with it when I purchased it from ebay:


I think this is a new version of the lamp above:

100W appears to be the correct rating for this illuminator as noted on the underside of the lamp base:


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