Identifying Protozoa in Andrew’s post 15/4/2017

From: Bruce Taylor (
Sent: 16 April 2017 01:23
To: Thornett Andrew (05Y) Walsall CCG
Subject: Re: FW: Identifying Protozoa and algae

Hi Andy,

Nice site…and nice microscope!

The first and second videos at the top of the page are both Spirostomum, a ciliated protozoan. The specimen appears to have a single, centrally located “macronucleus” (the larger of the 2 types of ciliate cell nucleus), so it is probably Spirostomum teres.

The 8th video is another ciliate, of the genus Frontonia. It might be F. angusta, but we’d need a closer look to be sure.

The 3rd video is a pennate diatom. Videos 5,6,7, 9 and 10 are also diatoms, of different species. I’ll add a little identification guide to the shared DropBox folder I started (you should have received an invitation, by now). There are lots of websites that help with diatom identification. Here is one (it focuses on American diatoms, but most are cosmopolitan):

The 4th video is a filamentous green algae (family Zygmataceae). I have some algae texts on hand, and can place a couple of them in the DropBox folder, if you like.

In the still images, I see lots more diatoms, and at least one peritrich ciliate (an epistylid, most likely).

If you have specific questions, please feel free to ask.



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