Horse head and flame

I’ve been reading a lot recently about camera noise and recommended ISO settings for each particular camera for astronomy. The camera I’ve been using was said to perform best at ISO 1600 which I think in astronomy terms is actually quite high for a Dslr. So I decided to test this out on the 8th Feb and managed 74x1min exposures at ISO 1600. I was very pleased with the low noise, although the light pollution south of me (Tamworth, Birmingham) was very strong since the horse head is relatively low on the horizon. I’m pleased with the result, although I think with a bit more processing experience I could possibly improve the image???  I was trying out Pixinsight for a second time so I hope to improve over the coming months/years. Canon 6d+Idas d1+Takahashi fsq.



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  1. Hi Rob,

    Thanks for your comments !

    It would be good to share our experience with pixinsight. Here is my number so we can touch bases and potentially organise something . 07576181879

    Cheers ken

  2. Hi Ken- that’s another really knockout picture, especially if you were battling light pollution at the same time.

    I’ve just taken the plunge and gone for the free trial of Pixinsight. It’s all a bit impressive/daunting, but a really interesting package with lots of tutorials. Needless to say I haven’t produced anything like this yet! If you fancy getting together to compare notes let me know!

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