Home pot pond algae showing cilia

I have created a pond at home using a very large plastic pot from Homebase. It even obtained a new resident yesterday (a fish) who has joined the frogspawn and Elodea and some other water plants obtained from a friend’s pond – whence the fish also originated. The friend in question insists that the fish should not be lonely so another will be joining it later in the week!

The photos below are of an algal sample from the pot pond. 18 x Eppendorf 1.5ml centrifuge tubes were centrifuged at 10000 revolutions/minute for 10 minutes. I pipetted off excess water above the centrifuge pellet. I then combined the pellets into a single Eppendorf tube and centrifuged again using the same settings. This concentrated the algae to make microscopic observation easier.

The main findings today are of cilia on most of the algal cells. I have annotated the photos below to show whether these can be seen. In some cells the green chloroplasts are bunched up at one end and I suspect this is due to the centrifuging process.

Finally bacteria abound – not sure why I used to have such difficulty seeing bacteria initially but now I see them all the time – I suspect it is a bit like training yourself to observe faint fuzzies in the night sky – once it clicks it becomes a lot easier – perhaps it is also just about knowing what to look for!


Live bacteria amongst the algae:



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