Hixon 44


Hi Folks,

This is the result of the Virtual Star Party, Hixon 44 Galaxy Group. There are officially 4 galaxies in the group but my info tells me there are in fact 5. The whole group covers a span of 15′ x 10′ and is some 80 million LY distant.

Taken with the RC 6 inch through the Luminance filter. 2 hours of 5 minute subs, stacked in Deep Sky Stacker, converted into Tiff through Fits liberator and tweeked in PS6.

NGC3185 is on the left (9 o’clock) Mag 12.17 and 2.1′ x 1.4′ in size.

NGC 3190 is in the middle, Mag 11.1 and 4.4′ x 1.5′

NGC 3193 is on the right , Mag 10.81 and 2’x 2′ (looks like another star!)

NGC 3187 underneath the central galaxy, is the interesting one, as you can see there has been interaction with possibly 3190. Mag 12.77 and 3.6′ x 1.6′.

The fifth one (NGC 3189)  is hidden, as it sits on top of 3190.

I’ll be trying for another “new” target tomorrow night.


Nearly forgot…… another galaxy (PGC 86788) is in the bottom left, just below and to the right of the 2 bright stars. Mag 15.9 and 34″ x 26″. It is not part of the group as it is 103 LY distant.

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