Heron Galaxy

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Having some fun with the RC 6 inch. Never imaged this one before. Mainly because it is small and faint. There are two galaxies interacting, NGC5395 (the body) and NGC5394 (neck and head). NGC5395 is Magnitude 11.7 and is 2.7′ x 1.3′, whilst NGC5394 is Mag. 12.9 and 1.9′ x 1.3′. No info on the fish it is trying to catch!

So this is 3 hrs 45 min x 5 minute subs taken with the Atik 314L+ camera. The first image is the full FOV ( 21′ x 16′) and the second is cropped by75%. I will come back to this one to get RGB when I have had more practice at finding and aligning the target!!

The images I have seen of this have been taken with a 28 inch scope in the Nevada Desert and the write up said the scope wasn’t really big enough!

This may be small and faint but it was discovered in 1787 by William Herschel using his “new” 20 foot Telescope (I presume that’s length not width).


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  1. I’ve never heard of this before! Great image.
    Tonight (Friday) I am attepting to arange firtual star party where we will all be at our telescopes and laptops – Heather will send out link for Microsoft Teams later today.

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