Heq5 pro Rowan belt conversion.

Lee came up today and fitted this belt conversion. From ordering , it arrived in the post after two days. All parts are beautifully engineered to exacting tolerance. The optional puller worked wonderfully well. We loaded up the ota with the 20lb. C6r ota.

Tracking, you couldn’t hear a thing. Slew rate at x9 and there’s just a lovely quiet whirr. There’s not the rattle of gears starting up and ending slewing. In addition there’s no need for lube on the cogs ( none) and elmination of backlash. Just need some clear sky to first light. It was great to get rid of the slack in the Dec , which had been annoying for some years.

The fitting instructions are such that you do need a practical expert at hand ! Time to fit was just over an hour, without need to strip the mount right down. Many thanks to Lee !