Guides on how to process deep sky images in Nebulosity 4 & GIMP softwarefrom QHY10 camera (and other cameras)

Below are links to imaging guides I have written/found useful based on what I have learnt over the last 8 weeks. The files are in no particular order.


Craig Stark Pre-processing in Nebulosity accessed 050919

Extended batch processing of images in Nebulosity (Damian) 250919

How to preprocess in Nebulosity 4

How to process dark frames in Nebulosity Damian 080919

How to remove light pollution from astronomy photograph in GIMP 250819

How to stack frames in Nebulosity 4 (without darks) Damian 310819

How to take flat frames on QHY10 250919

How to work out offset and gain QHY10 Craig Stark – summary of procedure

How to work out offset and gain QHY10 Craig Stark

Instructions on how to take dark frames from Damian 030919

Light dark flat and bias frames – what are they – deepskystacker – accessed 220919

Process for processing image in GIMP developed with Damian 250919

Sorting out elongated star images (star trailing) in astrophotos 270819

What is a Bias Frame

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