Growth of bean plants – a model for alien life on exoplanets?

OK – this is a bit of a stretch. An experiment we did at home to follow the initial growth of bean plants by photography on our kitchen window at home. Is this a model for alien life? The growth and movement of plants is definitely alien as far as we mammals are concerned – and it is amazing just how fast they grow and the change in position of leaves to point to Sun and between day and night is a lot more than we expected in advance.

The following photo sequence is only over 10 days (it is a reverse sequence with earliest images at the bottom and latest at the top) – this has taught the children and me a lot about plant growth and I guess the main reason I am presenting it here is to encourage my astronomy friends to not miss any opportunity to educate our children and the public about the natural world – all science uses similar principals and all learning improves our ability to understand the world around us and our place within it.


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