Globular gazing 11/04/2019

I had another of my restless sleepless nights last night, but looking out of the window in the early hours it was clear. So, as a distraction, I went on a globular hunt in the Scorpius/Ophiuchus region.

Some of them were quite challenging from the window-sill for one reason or another, and results were a bit mixed.

First, M80 in Scorpius. This is small (10’ diameter) so I couldn’t really resolve any stars.

Then, on to M107 in Ophiuchus. This one is a bit bigger (13’) and brighter, so some stars were resolved.

Moving back to Scorpius NGC6144, near Antares,  again is small and faint (9’ diameter) and trends to get lost in the glare from Antares. So there is little more than a fuzzy blob. I have unsuccessfully searched for this before, so it was quite satisfying to get anything!

Then back in Ophiuchus, M19 is a bit better, with a diameter of 14’, although there is only a hint of resolution of stars.

Another small fuzzy blob next, NGC6284 in Ophiuchus has a diameter of only just over 6’.

Finally, M12 in Ophiuchus with a diameter of 14’ and some resolution into stars.


All these were acquired using a stack of 40X10-second images, stacked in Registax 5 and processed with GIMP.

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