Giants of the “sickle”.

The stars of the “sickle ” form a hook and handle at the front of Leo. There are some interesting giant stars in this chain, that may be enjoyed in a small scope.

Regulus (α) is a blue white giant with a multiple group of four stars, including a close white dwarf. It’s 3.5 times larger than the Sun and 140 times more luminous at 77 light years away. There’s a wide companion at 174.3″.
Algieba (γ) is a beautiful orange giant , 180 times brighter than the Sun, some 90 light years away. There’s a close companion at 4.6″, a really stunning sight, grapefruit orange in colour.
Ras Elased australis (ε) is a yellow giant , 360 times brighter than the Sun at 250 light years away. It takes 200 days to rotate.
Adhafera (ζ) is a yellow white giant , 270 times brighter than our Sun at 274 light years away. There is an ultra wide companion (35 Leonis) at 5′ separation.
Rassalas (μ) is an orange giant , 65 times brighter than our Sun at 124 light years distant.
Alters (λ) is some 330 light years away.
A remarkable collection of stars which I hope you’ll enjoy when you spot the “sickle.”
Clear skies ! Nick.

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