Foraging for Faint Fuzzies – – – 06-07/05/2018

Before imaging Jupiter in my previous post, I went hunting faint fuzzies in the Virgo / Coma / Serpens area.

Nothing really spectacular, but satisfying, nevertheless. So,we have:

M87 in Virgo, I reprocessed the one with M87 to show the “jet” from the supermassive black hole at its centre.

NGC4526 in Virgo.

NGC4477 & NGC4479 in Virgo.

M58 in Virgo.

C38 / NGC4565 in Coma Berenices.

NGC4596 in Virgo.

NGC5838 in Virgo.

NGC5921 in Serpens Caput.

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  1. I don’t think it is anything magic in the data acquisition – these were with my 8″ Meade LX90 + a focal reducer, and a simple stack of 20-ish shots at a senseup of 1024 (20X20sec exposure = 400 sec altogether). I used Registax 5 “multiple” option with the de-rotate turned on. The LX90 is alt-az mounted and therefore the image rotates over 400 sec.
    Its all in the processing. Maybe I could add a DSO bit to the talk in June?

  2. I am amazed at detail in these images, especially the jet!
    Must have a go myself as I have PD camera.
    Can I come around one evening when clear with my kit and ask you to show me how to do it?

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