Fluorescence cubes for Zeiss IM and IM35 microscopes

I have added some posts re fluorescence microscopic images with my Zeiss IM microscope. This is very much early days but has been made possible by the purchase of a second hand (everything to do with this microscope is of necessity second hand as it is somewhat antique) fluorescence slider with two cubes on it – Zeiss item 46 63 01 – 9901.

I am not sure what the filters are that are on it but I have seen an advert for another IM microscope being sold with similar slider and there the filters are listed as:

Including 50w HBO (mercury) illuminator and 2 complete filter cubes that appear to be in excellent condition:

Cube#1: FITC. Excitation: 450-490nm. Dichroic Mirror: FT 510nm. Emission Spectra: Long Pass LP 520.

Cube#2: UV. Excitation: Band Pass 365nm. Dichroic Mirror: FT 395nm. Emission Spectra: Long Pass LP 397.

So perhaps my filters are the same – one thing I do need to do is check my epi-illuminator does not have mercury bulb in it – rather dangerous! Actually, if it does now then this raises a big question about how I can illuminate any fluorescent dyes or where I can get any fluorescent dyes from in the first place……but those are questions for another day!

The filters are somewhat loose in the cubes – so that is also something I need to sort out. I think the glue has gone loose. Considering that such filters are many hundreds pounds each, I am somewhat relunctant to try gluing them as I am concerned the glue will ruin them – I wonder if I can find some appropriately sized rubber/plastic washers.


Possible washers for fluorescence cubes:

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