Flame and Horsehead from the window-sill

Its 4AM. I am having one of my insomnia attacks and need to find a distraction for an hour or two until my legs settle down. Looking out of the window, there is Orion in all his splendour. Maybe I could try for the Flame and Horsehead again?

Snag – -the window above the window-sill is all misted up.

Solution – hanging out of the window with a hair-dryer for a few minutes!

So, here goes. Another snag is that with the 10 second exposures I am using, there is a significant movement of the image due to poor tracking. Since you can’t see Polaris from the window, setting up the equatorial mount is not easy, and has to be done by estimation. This obviously causes the image to be blurred. I need to spend some more time more carefully setting up the mount.

Here is the result. Detail is clearly lacking due to the tracking error, but I am not entirely displeased given the limitations.

As I have said previously, my eyesight is a bit weak in the reds, so in some ways I prefer the black-and-white image.

Total exposure was about 300 seconds (30 or so stacked 10 second images), and total cost of the kit involved (including the telescope, but not including the double-glazing) is around £300.

And its FUN!

For reference, I have added an image that I did of the Horsehead last year from outside.



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