Fixing pond water algae using heat & results of experiment in using fluorescein dye

I tried two new techniques today – one was to fix a pond water sample with heat. I purchased a cheap £3.99 spirit burner off ebay for the purpose but that simply blackened the slide. Turned out using the hob on the cooker worked perfectly but needed to use pair pliers as I burnt my fingers initially!

I then tried fluorescein dye on the fixed slide to see if it would be taken up by any of the cells – nothing appeared to fluoresce (I purchased a ring UV light for this purpose) under the Zeiss Photomicroscope at 16x.

Nevertheless, the fixed slide showed a wide range of species and some good photos from today below (Bresser MikrOkular camera). Lots of Volvulus. I had concentrated the sample first by filtering it through a coffee filter paper from Tescos.


Zeiss Photomicroscope III with 16x objective 28/08/2017 – sample of neighbour John Brockley’s pond water – fixed with flame – no staining (below):

As above, with 40x objective and NOT fixed showing detail of Volvulus and another algal species. In both, chloroplasts and cilia are easily seen (below):

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