Fixing illuminator/condensor carrier unit and support post on Zeiss IM35 microscope

I’ve done it! I am very proud. Taken a while but I got there at last. The Carl Zeiss IM35 I purchased was bought for parts – that was way it was sold and what I wanted was the stage with slow motion ST manual controls that came with it. However, the engineer in me did not want to throw this mighty old microscope away. After why should I be satisfied with one IM microscope when I could have two? That is – I would have if I could get it working again.

A major problem with the IM35 was a broken spring-loaded screw on the illuminator attachment on the carrier frame attached to the support post. A search of eBay found another post and frame but this one had stripped plastic gear strip on the post.

Today I have managed to take the carrier frame off the post on the newly purchased post/frame and move this to the old post. I then moved the illuminator and condenser scores to this new carrier frame giving me a fully working unit and a redundant one with lots if problems that I Don’t need. Success! Sounds easy describing it in this way. However, finding my out how the condenser comes off and back on was very difficult and it by luck rather than judgement that I managed to do it eventually – so that I can’t say I would know how to do it again.


The picture below shows the “new” fully working unit on the right and the redundant parts on the left, consisting of post with damaged plastic strip and carrier unit with damaged spring-loaded screw:

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