Fixing broken illuminator carrier for Zeiss IM microscope

I ordered a second hand illuminator carrier off ebay – it was cheap but I did not realize it was broken!

However, I think I have successfully fixed it.


Damaged carrier as it arrived from ebay – these photos show that the plastic gear strip is cracked. On the other side of the illuminator it has also had its teeth stripped:

The following two photos show that the illuminator can hard move – these show the two extremes – it turned out this was due to stripped teeth and bits of plastic caught up in metal teeth on roller on illuminator carriage.

Next photo shows stripped teeth:

The following picture shows a similar but fully working item on my microscope. Note that the illuminator carriage sits close to the top.

I removed the plastic strip:

I used water proof PVC glue:

I stuck the plastic gear strip back down – BUT other way around from way it came out so that the illuminator carrier sits away from the stripped area when in use:


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