First successful detection of meteors by radio scatter using FunCube Dongle Pro Plus Software-Defined Radio @ LRO

Success at last!

In spite of all the positive posts around meteor radio scatter I have posted recently, one thing I had not managed to do was to use my FunCube Dongle Pro Plus software defined radio – this has been my aim as I do not wish to leave my (expensive) Yaesu FT-817 turned on and plugged in long term.

Today, is the first time I have managed to that using Dell E6400 laptop, Spectrum Lab software, USB 1 extension cable, FunCube Dongle Pro Plus, Bill Watson’s feeder cable, Bill Watson’s Slim Jim aerial tuned to 143.049MHz on 4 poles mast outside log cabin at LRO (4 old trampoline steel poles – total height 4-5m).

The following link gives an account of my success and suprising failure with same setup using rear mounted Moxon tuned to 2m band (rich text file):

Radio Observing Log Dell E6400 010517@0907

Configuration file used on Spectrum Lab for above detections:

Meteor Detection 2017-05-01@0838(Dell E6400) (this is a ZIP file – WordPress will not allow the extension to be attached to this entry without being zipped first – to use this unzip the file and save the configuration file in your Spectrum Lab configuration folder).

This successful use of the FunCube Dongle Pro Plus occurred with both FunCube Dongle Pro Plus and Yaesu tuned to 149.049MHz. I used SDR Sharp to set upper side band on FunCube and Yaesu also on upper side band.


Meteors detected using above setup between 08:27 & 09:17 (gives idea of frequency and how successful this has been):


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