First spectrum of daylight with CCDSPEC Spectrometer

First spectrum with CCDSPEC Spectrometer “First Light” – taken with cap off and QHY6 camera – no telescope – I just pointed it out of the window yesterday afternoon 19/7/2018. I have compared it to Dr Elliott’s sample daylight spectrum that was included with the device.

I am pleased to see that my daylight spectrum (bottom one of pair in picture below – taken 19/7/2018 and not 20/7/2018 as it says in the caption) is very similar to the sample one (top of pair in picture below).


I asked Dr Elliott who made the CCDSPEC what the horizontal lines in the spectra above were. His response was:

Hi Andrew

The slit is only 50 microns wide which is thinner than a human hair.

The horizontal lines are dust particles on the slit and don’t actually affect the spectrum as you normally add up all the horizontal rows to produce a 1 dimensional spectrum

It might be worth using an aerosol air cleaner but I wouldn’t touch the slit with anything

Pleased  you got a spectrum


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