First public open day at the new Peter Bolas Observatory at Rosliston Forestry Centre

Today we held our first public open day for the Peter Bolas Observatory – over 250 people came down to visit the observatory during a sunny science event at the forestry centre.

Photos below show the team with the public at the observatory, RAG members on the grass in front of the cafe, and Bob and Andrew with their radio meteor observing kit and the best radio meteor observations from the day.



Nick Rufo (left) with Andrew Thornett (right) – Nick did sterling work directing members of the public towards the observatory:   The Sun through Paul Bertenshaw’s telescope:                                 

Picture below is of Ann Bolas (Peter Bolas’ wife) and her son outside the new observatory:

Best radio meteor observations from today:

                              Screenshots meteors RAG open day forestry centre 191019

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