First post (and first image)

Whilst I’ve browsed this site on and off over the years, I’ve never got around to posting anything on the blog. And now I want to, I find I’m not sure how to do it.

That is, I can add a new post, of course by selecting the New button, and I’ve even selected a category. But we are asked to add a second category, with the name of the poster, and to add a category if one doesn’t exist. I cannot see any way to do that. Will keep looking, but please say if you know how, or point me at some instructions if there are any.

Meanwhile, I uploaded an image for the first time yesterday and I’m wondering if anyone can see it. Andy had a look during the meeting and couldn’t find it. I can see it myself, but I wonder if anyone else can. Do I need to do something else to make it public?

Derry North


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  1. Hi Derry
    Your post has appeared on the blog – but no photo. In the media section there is a photo of the Wild Duck Cluster that seems to be unattached to a post – is that yours?
    Give me a call om 07770841767 and I will talk you through how to add media.
    I have sorted out your ability to add category for your own name – as you had never entered a post before WordPress did not have the category option so I have created one one.

    1. The photo of the Wild Duck Cluster is not mine. Mine is a 2-day old thin crescent Moon. It isn’t attached to a post, because I simply went to the Media library and selected New. I’ll give you a call shortly to discuss.

    2. Thanks very much for your help, Andy. New post successfully entered and media attached. It was quite simple in the end, but not as intuitive as I’d expected. I should get it right next time. My new post is under the solar system / lunar categories.

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