First light – QHY10 picture of night sky 7/8/2019

Sadly, I am not allowed to lift – so can’t take the HEQ5 Pro outside. So this picture is limited to small patch of sky I can see through French doors above trees with the Equinox 80 on HEQ5 Pro and QHY10 camera.

Also, not tracked and poor focus – I have discovered focus is not easy to achieve in the dark when exposures are 60 secs long!

60 second exposure on QHY10 – settings as in picture below and on previous posts today.

Not a great picture but it does show sky and it does show stars!


First light picture with QHY10 camera:

Attempting to obtain focus:

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      1. Yes, but after stacking all should be revealed. Unless your camera has some built-in noise reduction 60 exposures at 1 second, stacked, should be the same as 1 exposure at 60 seconds. Except with the 60X1 exposures you only get 1 second smearing. The PD takes a basic 1/50 sec exposure but can internally stack ( and noise reduce) up to 1000 frames Taking a sequence of short-ish exposures is what I do all the time, and is how I get away with poor tracking (or no tracking at all) from the window-sill,

        Now if you are aspiring to do what Geoff/ Damian/Rob/ Ken do – that is a different matter.

        Have a look at Rob’s M64 at
        and mine at
        Both were done with a sequence of 20 sec exposures (7 in my case)

        Incidentally, the Moon is at a nice phase tonight if you can see it through your window. Lunar “X” is predicted to be at 03:43 UT – after it has set in the UK unfortunately. You might catch the straight wall though.

        Indoor astronomy is good fun – especially for convalescents (you) or geriatrics (me)!

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