First light Ha.

First light with a Lunt 35THa.

Just addictive and fascinating. I set up my Vixen 90 with white light to compare the sunspots and general view.
Just blown away, Peak of excitement was a prom which floated free and then went away ! The filaments, proms and plages on view are just absorbing. I took a little time to get a sweet spot , seems to be mid fov with an 8.8mm Meade 5000 UWA, giving x45. The whole disc at 23mm ( Panoptic) ,giving x17 was just crystal sharp and packed with detail. Very impressive views with a 13mm Nagler.

This is a sweet little scope, punching well above its weight and producing clear , bright and contrasting views. It makes a change from observing binaries ,to find our own star full of interest,
Old Nick.

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  1. Welcome to the Ha club! I think we are the only ones in RAG with this scope. Did you manage to find a new one or was it pre-loved?

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